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Life Insurance

Smile Bike

Credit Insurance (Plus Group Additional Contracts Cover for death and dismemberment due to accident)

to strengthen security assurances with confidence for those who have hire purchase loans with TLeasing

Product highlights

  • Applicants for hire purchase loans should confidently strengthen security collateral.
  • Obtain death coverage in all circumstances comprising total permanent incapacity resulting from illness or injury equal to the monthly balance of the outstanding hire purchase loans, as well as accident (in case of purchasing equity equal to the amount of debt)
  • Obtain supplemental insurance in the event of accidental death, total and permanent disability, loss of organs, and loss of vision.
  • Convenience of making a single premium payment and offering security for the duration of the contract covered by the repayment term
  • Assist in efficiently eradicating unresolved debt issues and provide the finest value

Insurance type

For people who have bought loans with TLeasing, this particular sort of life insurance improves security and confidence. In the event of an unexpected event involving the hire purchaser during the instalment payment, benefits from life insurance will help take care of outstanding debts (Remaining unpaid hire purchase instalments).

This is done in order to cut off all outstanding debt problems and not to cause trouble for the family or the problem of being confiscated that may occur later. You can rest confident that your cherished family will continue to own the car.

Age of the insurer

Protection period

Premium payment period

15 years – 69 years and not over 70 years when including the coverage period

1 year – 10 years

Single Premium

Life protection benefits

  1. On the date of death, the company will pay 100% of the insured amount, which diminishes each month.
  2. The company will pay 50% of the reduced sum covered for the first month of total permanent disability if the person has total permanent disability as a result of injury and illness for 180 straight days. The company will pay the remaining 50% if the insured maintains total permanent incapacity for at least 180 days (360 days of total and permanent incapacity). Receive coverage benefits from accidents.
  3. To obtain additional accident-related insurance benefits 50% of the initial sum insured is covered throughout the term for accidental death.
  4. If it is a person with total permanent disability due to an accident consequently for 180 days, pay 50% of the initial sum assured.
  5. Cover for loss of organs and eyesight as follows:
    1. Loss of 2 hands or 2 feet or 2 eyes, pay 50% of the initial sum assured
    2. Loss of 1 hand and 1 foot or 1 hand and 1 sight or 1 foot and 1 sight, pay 50% of the initial sum assured
    3. Loss of 1 hand or 1 foot or 1 sight, pays 30% of the initial sum assured

Health checkup

It complies with the company’s warranty consideration requirements.

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